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Hydrating A World Thirsty For Wellness

Hydrating A World Thirsty For Wellness

Bringing the power of whole-body wellness through individualized IV therapy wherever and whenever you need it most.
We empower you to prioritize and take control of your health and wellness with every drip.
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Hydrate Your Life
Wellness treatments, education, and support that addresses health from the inside out, so you can be your healthiest and best self.
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Your Wellness Team

Meet The Team

Working with a healthcare provider that’s right for you is essential to achieving proper and personalized care. Our CEO and founder, Lexus Rogers, MSN, FNP-C has over 10 years of experience working in conventional medicine as well as specializing in regenerative medicine and aesthetics. Her passion for health and wellness has led her to DripLife IV, so she can provide individual care for her patients in every stage of life.
Dr. Deacon Farrell MD is a practicing attending physician at Cedar Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Farrell is a board-certified anesthesiologist who specializes in interventional pain medicine and regenerative medicine. His approach towards aging focuses on the improvement of daily function, tissue preservation, with combined aesthetic care for holistic wellbeing.