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Hydrating A World Thirsty For Wellness

How to Launch Your Own IV Therapy Masterclass

IV infusion therapy has become increasingly popular over the last few years for the many different health and recovery benefits they can over such as immune support, energy boosting, athletic and hangover recover, and much more. Whether you are interested in integrating IV therapy into your existing practice, or starting an IV therapy businesses from scratch, we’ve created the perfect blueprint to assist you in getting up and running. 


  • What exactly is IV Therapy?
  • Risk and benefits
  • Treatment efficacy and frequency


  • Legalities, Health requirements & USP guidelines
  • Navigating the scope of practice limitations in your state
  • Setting up your business structure
  • Finding a medical director


  • Uses for common vitamins and nutrients
  • Specialized vitamins and nutrients
  • Pharmacological principles, osmolarity, and stability
  • Building your IV cocktail menu


  • Documentation and EMR systems
  • Using Insurance vs cash pay
  • Business insurance
  • Supplies and Inventory (Finding vendors)
  • Pricing


  • Branding
  • Marketing strategies
  • Market research

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